Monday, November 13, 2006

OMG! They actually can get along!

Bazil taking a break from guarding duties...

Farfalle and Girlfriend on a date...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It was a dark and scary night and Bazil, the Wicked Witch of 'Roo-ville, was out patrolling the skies, looking for cookies and tennis balls...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Normally the Polkaroo house doesn't partake in Halloween festivities. Mike, being almost 18, has outgrown it and as there are no little Renzo's and Stephy's running around, there really isn't a reason for us to join in on the fun. However this year, I foolishly decided that we would celebrate the holiday of Ghouls and Candy, along with the other loons in 'Roo-ville.

I thought that this would only mean giving out candy and perhaps some yard decorations. Oh and of course I would have to embarrass the pups by making them wear costumes. Apparently The Boy had other ideas. "If we are doing Halloween, then we have to have a Jack O'Latern!"

Yes, a carved pumpkin. Can't just put pumpkins on the front step. No way Jose! My man has to have carved pumpkins. The one thing I hate about Halloween. Ok, I don't hate carved pumpkins. I hate carving pumpkins.

Not just any old carved pumpkins either. He spends the afternoon surfing the internets for templates of Jack O'Laterns. He eagerly runs downstairs and prepares the table for the carving fun. The pumpkins are marked with the patterns and out comes the Dremel tool. The carving begins. He gets as far as the nose of the first pumpkin. "Loverbunny, I'm no good at this. Here you do it!"

Yes folks, I got stuck with the carving. Two hours of carving. Remind me next year to keep my big mouth shut.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Our evolution into adulthood always amazes me. When we are children, we think the most exciting thing in the world is going to the beach, or the first snowfall of the year, or eating an ice cream cone. As teenagers, we are thrilled to be driving around on Saturday night, going no where, listening to the tunes. In university, excitement is going to a bar, partying until all hours of the night and comparing hang-overs the next day.

Then we become adults, get married and buy a home of our own. Excitement becomes buying a new coffee maker, or cleaning out the basement. The hot date on Friday night is a double date at Costco. We're in bed by 10, all tuckered out by the day's adventures.

Suddenly we have become our parents and wonder how we became what we swore we never would. We were going to be different. We would never become boring old fogies. And yet, we have. And generations after us will do the same. Craziness!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A year ago today, Nanny left us. Last week I was able to take her home and scatter her ashes at Cavendish Beach. At the time, I thought that I had finally gotten the closure I so desperately searched for this last year. But today, I find myself grieving all over again. I guess it's true that you never truly get over a loss as great as this. You just learn to move on, day by day...

In Loving Memory of You

Quietly I'm remembering you
in the silence of my heart.
Each thought of you, a treasure
while we are now apart.

At times I'm filled with longing;
Your face I'd love to see,
To feel your warmth, to hear your voice,
to have you here with me.

But God has a plan; He created you
and numbered all your days.
May he hold you in His loving arms
and surround me with His grace.

With the hope of reunion in Heaven one day,
I entrust you in His care.
Cherished memories of you live on in my heart.
Your life is a gift we share.

poem © Debbie Heydrick

Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy 34th Birthday Renzo!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mike was getting a bald spot (damn genes!) so he decided to shave his head...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Go on, kiss another Canadian today. I double dog dare you!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Farfalle turned 7 today! He was treated to a car ride, a long walk with Mom and started dating his new girlfriend. He even managed to sneak in some snuggling too!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

We bought a new BBQ last weekend and just had to try the Famous Beer Butt Chicken recipe. It can't help but make you giggle and it's tasty too!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Today I went to the movies for the first time in 2 years. I did ok. We went to the first matinee so it wasn't too smelly. Unfortunately, I had a touch of a stomach bug so I missed about half the movie visiting the little girl's room but all in all, I had a good time.

We went to see The DaVinci Code. It was a little confusing at times as I kept having to step out, but it was pretty good. I was there for all the important reveals so it made sense. After seeing the movie, I think this seems the most logical story about Jesus. A regular man, out to save the world.

During the pre-movie trailers, there was a trailer for World Trade Center. It brought me to tears. As much as I would like to see the movie, I'm not sure I can, if a trailer can get me that upset. It is so odd to have a historical event, that took place so recently be made into a movie. I think it is too soon.

I remember that morning so vividly. I remember sweating in the park across from my office, as another department in our building was on strike and would not let us in the building. I remember walking the 2 blocks for my yearly blood work. I remember walking the two blocks back, finally gaining access to the building, walking past the boardroom, seeing it full of people in tears. I remember the days that followed, glued to CNN, for any glimmer of hope that this was all a bad dream.

And what have we learned since then? As far as I am concerned nothing. Sure, we now live in a cautious fear; every time a plane crashes or a train derails we automatically assume first that it is an act of terrorism. But other than that, we have learned nothing. We still discriminate, only now we include religion. Our neighbors to the south, still barrel into war, to find what isn't there. To blame those who were not the perpetrators. To make themselves feel better knowing that they have punished someone, anyone they can find, instead of capturing the real threat.

And all this brings me back to The DaVinci Code. Perhaps if we all took the view, that religion, whether it be Christianity or Islam, is not based on divine Gods, but rather regular people simply wanting to make their world a better place, we can stop any future atrocities.

Photo Copyright: Gwendolyn Magee

Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Why not?"

Sunday, May 07, 2006

...Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 49??

Bazil turned 49 today (that is 7 for the un-dog-informed). She was spoiled with an afternoon at the doggy spa and feasted upon a dinner of veal paupettes and rice with Rainbow Chip Cupcakes for dessert.

According to the experts, she has entered her Senior years. But I think someone forgot to tell her that. If we would let her, she would play ball 24/7, with perhaps the odd break to dig in the mud or chase the rabbits in the garden. She even runs in her dreams.

I wonder who it was that decided that 7 is the start of Seniorhood? Did they just convert the age to human years? Or was there a specific reason that 7 is considered over the hill? Jack Russell Terriers can live to 14 or older, so that is an awful long time to be considered a senior citizen. Maybe I should have bought her a walker for her birthday instead of a box of tennis balls.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


We have new resident in the Polkaroo household. Squeaky the Mouse decided to move in last week. We think he got in via the air conditionner pipe but we really aren't sure.

You would think that Farfalle and Bazil would make their Jack Russell ancestors proud and catch our new furry friend but it turns out they are JRT's in looks only. Farfalle did manage to trap Squeaky under a cabinet but then just whined and chirped to alert us to it. Bazil hasn't even noticed her new roommate. Some hunters they are!

On Saturday, Renzo and I went out and bought a humane live trap and put some peanut butter in it, as from all Google accounts, mice love peanut butter. But I guess Kraft Peanut Butter isn't Squeaky's usual brand as so far he hasn't taken the bait. Tonight I am going to try Cheez Whiz and crackers. Maybe he would prefer that.

Maybe I should just get him a cage and let Bazil and Farfalle keep him as their pet. I'm sure they would love him and walk him every day!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Bazil had a boyfriend last year who would come to the fence every day and serenade her with his love tones. She'd go out and bark back; the two of them would go back and forth all day singing to each other. At the end of the summer, we thought Stanley Squirrel had left her, never to be seen again.

Well yesterday morning, I let the dogs out for their morning yard patrol and low and behold, Stanley's familiar screech was back! He is looking a little thinner from his winter nap but Bazil was so happy to see her lost love, she didn't care!

The two of them have been at it for two days now, catching up on all their lost time. I think wedding bells may be heard by summer's end!

Monday, March 27, 2006

The annual seal cull began last week and I have to admit I was ignorant of the issue until recently. With all the media coverage this year, I decided to see what all the hullabaloo was about.

I am ashamed to call myself a Canadian. These poor creatures are beaten to death as young as 14 days old! Beaten over the head with a stick. Just because they are minding their own business, in their own home. And my country actually allows this?!

To compare this slaughter as equal to killing cows and chickens for food is ridiculous. For the most part, the seals are used for their furs and the clothing made from them is mainly sent to Asia! All for a whopping $45 per seal.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

The the other day I was looking at Farfalle and wishing I had his metabolism. Ok, not that I want to be only 13lbs, but to be slim like I used to be before I met Love Bunny. Then I sighed, left the kitchen and went to watch TV.

Well I guess Farfalle read my mind. He shared the secret of his sveltness with me! He took a mouthful of food, sprinted 20 feet to the living room to where I was sitting and then proceeded to munch his dinner. He then sprinted back 20 feet to the kitchen and did it all again. The calories didn't have a chance to stick to the hips, they melted away before the next mouthful was taken.

Finally the secret to weight loss has been revealed!

Photo Copyright: Big Cheese Photo

Sunday, March 12, 2006

People sometimes wonder why I don't like to leave my house. I would love to be able to leave my house. But alas, it is just too scary.

Imagine that you go to the grocery store and the person in front of you in line is wearing perfume; you go to a restaurant and the food smells or the heating system turns on; you try to enter any building and there is someone smoking at the entrance; you go outside and the smog is so thick you can see it (or the windchill is so bad that your chest starts to burn from the cold). Or you are out with friends and you simply start to laugh.

Then there are the people that stare at you; that think you are going to rob them. Imagine walking into a gas station, convenience store or a bank wearing a mask. You would think in this day and age that no one would look at you twice. Think again. There are the stares, the whispers, the loud talkers. Or they simply back away from you like you are going to shoot them.

Or maybe they actually will talk to you. "Oh that's a nasty cold you have there!", they might say. Or perhaps they will give you the magic cure that fixed their laryngitis when they "the same thing yesterday". Or they too may back away from you so they won't catch anything. But you definitely won't be viewed as normal.

Nothing is normal anymore; no where is safe. But at least at home, you are relatively in the clear unless of course your husband takes a shower or puts his deodorant on. Or you want to play with your dogs in the yard or have a BBQ. Or simply clean your house or clothes or even brush your teeth.

Yes, this is my reality. And I am dealing with it as best I can. So the next time you ask me to go somewhere and I have to back out, please don't be offended. It isn't you. It really is me.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January 30th was Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Now I love popping bubble wrap as much as the next gal but does it really deseve it's own special day?

Where do they come up with these ridiculous "holidays"? From Answer Your Cats' Questions Day (Jan 22nd) to Barbie and Barney Backlash Day (Dec 16th) it seems to me people will create a holiday for just about anything. Mind you I was very excited to find that there is a National Ice Cream Day (July 16th) (why hasn't anyone told me about this holiday before?!)

I found it interesting that my birthday is Fragrance Day (March 21). Maybe the Holiday Gods were trying to warn me all these years. There might be something to these silly holidays after all... in appreciation of Bubble Wrap Day, go on and pop a few!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dogs are such silly "people" (at least mine are). Farfalle and Bazil
won't eat hard dog cookies. Won't even lick them. They do however love soft doggie snacks. Guess the hard ones are too much of a bother to chew.

For Christmas, my mother-in-law, aka Mamma, gave me a box of Scooby Doo Baked Graham Cracker Sticks as a joke, knowing my love of Scooby Doo. We had to look as them twice as they really do look like dog cookies but they are in fact for humans.

This morning, I made my morning tea and decided to have a couple of Scooby Snacks with it. Sure enough, my furkids came running wanting a treat. I thought, "haha, sure, you want it--here!" figuring that they would turn their noses up and walk away, as they do with any dog cookie. The joke was on me. They love them!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The other day I was watching the US Figuring Skating Championships (hey, there was nothing else on!) and I remembered that my grandmother was the very first Miss. Charlottetown, back in the 30's when it was originally a skating competition . So I thought I would surf the great seas of the Internet to see if I could find anything from back then. It was a long shot but I had nothing better to do so why not?

Well I didn't find what I was looking for however I did find many interesting facts about my family and ancestors. I found out that in 1935 my great-grandfather Alton's phone number was 1099 and that he had a fruit and vegetable store. I found out that my great-grandmother Pearl graduated from clerical college in 1907. I found my family tree going back to 1750. I also found out that Alton was 1 of 12 children (I thought there were only 3 of them-the 3 that I knew growing up) and one of my great-great aunts had the same name as my daughter, if I had one.

The most interesting fact I found was that my great-great grandfather Captain Garrett Hubley, joined the Royal Canadian Navy at the age of 77 and is said to have been the oldest Canadian to have served in WWI. He also was denied a military pension for his service because he joined 37 years after the age cut off and the letter telling him that his pension was denied arrived the day he died in 1923.

I was surprised to find out so much information about my ancestors. Things that my family had no idea about. It's amazing what you can find on the internet, with just a few mouse clicks and some free time!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I, like many others, sat through the Leaders debate last night in hopes of gaining that insight that would tell me who I should vote for. No such luck. Harper came off as condescending, Martin was too defensive and Layton’s leering gave me the willies! I didn’t learn anything new that would help me with my decision on Jan 23rd, other than they all like to bash each other.

No, wait, I did learn something. I need another choice. I need a Party that has the fiscal platform of the Conservatives and the social platform of the Liberals. NPD you might suggest? Well, apart from the fact that Layton just creeps me out too much, they are too pro Union for my liking.

And really, is it going to matter who wins? Probably not. Why? Because they all make too many promises in order to win and they can’t possibly keep them all. No matter who wins, there will be yet another scandal. No matter who wins, there will inevitably be tax cuts in some areas, increases in others. Some services will get better. Some will get worse. And no matter who wins, we will have yet another Minority so we will have to go through all this again in a year or less. What a waste of money!

Last night, after the debate, I went looking for something that would help me compare all platforms side by side. CTV has a very comprehensive chart that I found to be really helpful. Helpful in proving that I need a party that is ½ Conservative and ½ Liberal.

On Election Day, I still have no clue what I will do. At this point, I could just play eeny meany for all the good it will do. But more and more the option of placing a dissatisfied vote is becoming very appealing.

Good luck with whatever you decide on Jan 23rd. I think we are all going to need it.

Photo © Tom Hansen, CP

Sunday, January 08, 2006

When I die, I want to come back as a dog. I want to sleep all day, bark at the neighbors and have my belly scratched by my best friend...oh...wait a sec...I do all that now! ;-P

Remember when every problem could be fixed with ice cream? Whether it was a scraped knee or the mean kid at school called you names or your favorite Barbie lost an arm. All your tears could be washed away when your dad would pull out the ice cream and two bowls. You could sit on the back step, enjoying your special treat with your best bud and somehow, the world was right again.

Whatever happened to those days? Why can’t you solve your financial problems with some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? End the tension between you and your husband with 2 scoops of Butterscotch Ripple? I think as adults we forget that special innocence we once had as children. That perhaps if we could get it back, just for a moment, that all the things we complain and worry about would somehow become silly and go away.

Perhaps George Bush and Saddam Hussein should have sat down and shared a tub of Heavenly Hash and a peaceful resolution could have been reached in the Gulf War. Maybe we should all look to our children for guidance when it comes to the problems of the world. I bet if we all took a step back to those days, the world would be a nicer, peaceful place.

I urge all of you to try it the next time you have a bad day. Get out the ice cream and two bowls and share 2 scoops of your favorite ice cream with your loved one on the back step. I bet you that your world will suddenly become right again with the first spoonful.

I am 31 years old and got drunk for the very first time in my life this evening. Well, I guess to your more experienced drinkers, I was simply very tipsy on the verge of being drunk but to me, I was a goner.

While making dinner,
Renzo decided that we should have margaritas (or were they daiquiris? I can never remember which one is rum and which one is tequila). I had 2 1/2 of them! Now, again, to you veteran drinkers, this is no big deal. But I am basically an alcohol virgin. I have 1 drink a year at Christmas (usually Bailey's and milk). I also hadn't eaten all day and with all my meds, drinking was probably a bad idea.

Well, I started laughing and couldn't stop. I was laughing so hard, I had tears rolling down my face. I was laughing so hard, that I could no longer breathe. I was laughing so hard that I had to lie down right there on the kitchen floor because my sides hurt so much. This went on for about an hour (or at least it felt that way). Poor Ren and Mike thought I was going to die as I was turning all sorts of colours from laughing and not breathing. Then, finally, the feeling passed and suddenly I was very sleepy. Now of course it is 2 a.m. and I am wide awake, no longer on a tequila high, with very sore ribs.

If this is what all the fuss is about, you can keep it! I would rather stick to my glass of Canada Dry.