Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I, like many others, sat through the Leaders debate last night in hopes of gaining that insight that would tell me who I should vote for. No such luck. Harper came off as condescending, Martin was too defensive and Layton’s leering gave me the willies! I didn’t learn anything new that would help me with my decision on Jan 23rd, other than they all like to bash each other.

No, wait, I did learn something. I need another choice. I need a Party that has the fiscal platform of the Conservatives and the social platform of the Liberals. NPD you might suggest? Well, apart from the fact that Layton just creeps me out too much, they are too pro Union for my liking.

And really, is it going to matter who wins? Probably not. Why? Because they all make too many promises in order to win and they can’t possibly keep them all. No matter who wins, there will be yet another scandal. No matter who wins, there will inevitably be tax cuts in some areas, increases in others. Some services will get better. Some will get worse. And no matter who wins, we will have yet another Minority so we will have to go through all this again in a year or less. What a waste of money!

Last night, after the debate, I went looking for something that would help me compare all platforms side by side. CTV has a very comprehensive chart that I found to be really helpful. Helpful in proving that I need a party that is ½ Conservative and ½ Liberal.

On Election Day, I still have no clue what I will do. At this point, I could just play eeny meany for all the good it will do. But more and more the option of placing a dissatisfied vote is becoming very appealing.

Good luck with whatever you decide on Jan 23rd. I think we are all going to need it.

Photo © Tom Hansen, CP


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