Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The other day I was watching the US Figuring Skating Championships (hey, there was nothing else on!) and I remembered that my grandmother was the very first Miss. Charlottetown, back in the 30's when it was originally a skating competition . So I thought I would surf the great seas of the Internet to see if I could find anything from back then. It was a long shot but I had nothing better to do so why not?

Well I didn't find what I was looking for however I did find many interesting facts about my family and ancestors. I found out that in 1935 my great-grandfather Alton's phone number was 1099 and that he had a fruit and vegetable store. I found out that my great-grandmother Pearl graduated from clerical college in 1907. I found my family tree going back to 1750. I also found out that Alton was 1 of 12 children (I thought there were only 3 of them-the 3 that I knew growing up) and one of my great-great aunts had the same name as my daughter, if I had one.

The most interesting fact I found was that my great-great grandfather Captain Garrett Hubley, joined the Royal Canadian Navy at the age of 77 and is said to have been the oldest Canadian to have served in WWI. He also was denied a military pension for his service because he joined 37 years after the age cut off and the letter telling him that his pension was denied arrived the day he died in 1923.

I was surprised to find out so much information about my ancestors. Things that my family had no idea about. It's amazing what you can find on the internet, with just a few mouse clicks and some free time!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Eileen Burke Ewing has the Burke and Burhoe Family Tree done. I have a copy in my storage if you are interested.
    She gave me a couple of letters that Grandaddy (Alton) wrote to her and Nan (Muriel0 wrote to her. I'll get them copied for you if you'd like.
    love your cousin, Karen

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