Sunday, September 03, 2006

A year ago today, Nanny left us. Last week I was able to take her home and scatter her ashes at Cavendish Beach. At the time, I thought that I had finally gotten the closure I so desperately searched for this last year. But today, I find myself grieving all over again. I guess it's true that you never truly get over a loss as great as this. You just learn to move on, day by day...

In Loving Memory of You

Quietly I'm remembering you
in the silence of my heart.
Each thought of you, a treasure
while we are now apart.

At times I'm filled with longing;
Your face I'd love to see,
To feel your warmth, to hear your voice,
to have you here with me.

But God has a plan; He created you
and numbered all your days.
May he hold you in His loving arms
and surround me with His grace.

With the hope of reunion in Heaven one day,
I entrust you in His care.
Cherished memories of you live on in my heart.
Your life is a gift we share.

poem © Debbie Heydrick