Friday, October 27, 2006

Our evolution into adulthood always amazes me. When we are children, we think the most exciting thing in the world is going to the beach, or the first snowfall of the year, or eating an ice cream cone. As teenagers, we are thrilled to be driving around on Saturday night, going no where, listening to the tunes. In university, excitement is going to a bar, partying until all hours of the night and comparing hang-overs the next day.

Then we become adults, get married and buy a home of our own. Excitement becomes buying a new coffee maker, or cleaning out the basement. The hot date on Friday night is a double date at Costco. We're in bed by 10, all tuckered out by the day's adventures.

Suddenly we have become our parents and wonder how we became what we swore we never would. We were going to be different. We would never become boring old fogies. And yet, we have. And generations after us will do the same. Craziness!


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