Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yes, the blog of 'Rooville has undergone an early spring makeover. As I can no longer eat my beloved ice cream, having a blog named after the luscious treat seemed a little silly. I decided, in my efforts to educate the world on becoming more fragrance free and safe for others like me, that it was time to get on my soap box a little more often. I hope to give a little more insight on what it's like to live with permanent voice-loss and in fear of a world that doesn't seem to want to change. I also hope to help others like me who may be having a hard time finding products that are safe or places they can visit without fear. But don't worry, the pups and that crazy Renzo will still be regulars around here. Even us preachy voiceless gals can't resist a good Renzo tale.


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