Thursday, April 23, 2009

Usually we take our big vacation for the year in July or August and head to my homeland where I can enjoy clean air and pretend I'm a "normal" girl for a few days. Renzo has been dying to go somewhere warm though so this year we decided to take a spring vacation down south. I haven't been any where warm since we went to Mexico in 2004 just before I became The Voiceless Wonder and as summers here in Rooville are hard enough on me, I've been hesitant to try anywhere warm. We chose a spring trip in hopes of missing the heat waves the Southern States are known for. We spent 17 glorious days away from home (and Davey).

First we spent 7 days in Orlando, Florida at Disney's Boardwalk Inn. One of their Deluxe Resorts, it is in the theme of 1940's Atlantic City. We had heard some complaints about this resort as it does not have a restaurant inside the hotel like most of the Disney resorts but we didn't have a problem. When we booked, we explained my walking issues and were provided a room that was perfectly central to both the lobby and the Boardwalk. We enjoyed the direct boat service from the Boardwalk to both Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot and often after dinner would just go people watching on the Boardwalk, enjoying the entertainers, shops and treats. The room was pleasantly decorated, had comfy beds and even a telephone and internet connection in the bathroom! The only complaints we had were they, like all hotels, give you too many pillows (in total each night we had 10 unused pillows piled on the couch) and the television sucks! Yes, people usually don't go to Disney to watch TV, but after an exhausting day, there is nothing better than laying in bed, de-stressing, watching your favorite shows. At Disney however, your TV options are 4 channels featuring Stacey or her Spanish counterpart (I never did catch her name) touring the "Top Seven Disney Attractions" 24 hours a day; 4 ESPN channels and the remainder were kids channels. We don't have kids, nor do we watch sports so we were left with taking bets as to what number Stacey was at every evening before turning on the tube. Oh and that the Canada Pavilion at Epcot is a popcorn stand, but that is a whole other rant!

In the 7 days we managed to go to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney. I finally was able to see the Spectro Magic parade at Magic Kingdom that I had missed when we went on our honeymoon 7 years ago. It definitely lived up to expectations. But I think the best of the theme parks was Animal Kingdom. We went twice just so that we could take the Safari tour again. The animals were stunning!

Unfortunately, we were in the middle of a heat wave. It was 34C everyday. No humidity thankfully but the 34 degree temperature jump from home was a little much for me. My lungs hung in there; I only had one day where I had a hard time breathing but it was too much for my joints. I didn't take the Rheumatologists' warning seriously and walked way more than my alloted 30 minutes at a time. I did end up needing a wheelchair for a couple of days but once the emergency stash of steroids kicked in, I was able to walk on my own as long as I followed the rules. The great thing about staying "on property" (and about park hopper passes) was that I was able to go back to the room at anytime for a rest before continuing on with my visit. I'm still paying for my stupidity a month later, but the trip was worth it (although my physio therapist may not agree).

After Florida, we spent 3 days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was much cooler there (a comfortable 20C) and we had a 19th floor ocean front apartment at the Sandy Beach Resort. If you ever go to Myrtle Beach, I can't recommend this place enough. It is a 100% smoke-free facility (a rarity for MB), with stunning apartment suites that have full kitchens and in-room laundry. We liked it so much, we are going back in October. My only caution for my MCS pals is that their floor cleaner is quite strong. We only had them clean the room once out of the three days and left the balcony door open for a few hours while we went shopping to air out the room. When we go back in October, we will actually tell them not to clean the room during our stay other than to vacuum and change the sheets and I will bring my own cleaning products to clean the kitchen and bathroom if needed. Other than that small issue, I had no problems. I was actually able to use the outside pools without being bothered by the chlorine smell (I couldn't tolerate the indoor pool though). I even bought a cute bathing suit at Target. Who knew you could even get cute plus-size bathing suits, let alone at Target?!

It was a great trip. Being able to be a "couple" again was something we really needed. The dogs had a great time too at Camp JRT aka Pat, the Groomer's house. She has 4 JRT's and 2 Great Danes of her own so they always have a ton of fun and are exhausted when they come home. I think they too needed the break from our day to day lives. All the photo goodness can be found on my Flickr .