Friday, November 20, 2009

RA Warrior recently did a 3 part series on cricoarytenoid arthritis, the RA complication that caused me to become the Voiceless Wonder.

Kelly, is the first person I have come across that has suffered from this same complication. After talking to her, I realize that perhaps this complication isn't as rare as I thought; it's just isn't discussed very often.

Hopefully between my blog, Kelly's series and resulting discussions on both her blog and Facebook pages, it will be more well known which will hopefully make those of us who suffer from it feel less alone.

Image © Kelly Young

Everyone should take the time to listen to the stories of other RA patients posted on the NY Times Health pages. I can relate to all of them and found myself saying, "Yep. Been there!" to just about everything that was discussed.

RA sufferers don't often talk about their disease. And we should. Otherwise, we will never get the world to understand. Sometimes those closest to us, just don't want to hear us "complain" anymore, and they stop listening.

I encourage all families of RA sufferers to listen to these stories. Perhaps if you hear it coming from a stranger rather than someone you love, you will be able to really hear it.