Sunday, February 19, 2012

The boy and I celebrated our annual Valentine's feast last night. This year was a little different than past years as I had to reveal my menu early so that my love could help me in the preparation. This saddened me as it was one more thing Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease has taken away from me. I still enjoyed our little tradition with the man I love and that is the most important thing. One day I won't be able to cook at all anymore so I will enjoy every time I am still able to while I can.

Renzo as usual out did himself in making me a meal to remember. At his request, I skipped my Methotrexate and Arava so that I could safely drink alcohol. I am so glad I did. He prepared a delicious Strawberry Maragita to accompany my Southwest themed feast.

My appetizer was a flavourful Tortilla Soup.

My main course was Tequila Lime Chicken served with  Fresh Ranch Salsa and Queso Fresco served with Green Pablano Rice. All of it was delicious!

I, with Renzo's help, prepared him a (sorta) French themed meal. It was accompanied with a crisp Pinot Grigio.

His appetizer was a Blackberry, Arugula and Baby Spinach Salad in a Warm Bacon Red Onion Vinaigrette. The salad was also topped with juicy grape tomatoes, toasted pecans and crumbled goat cheese (I did not add the chicken as it was not a main course).

For his main course, I prepared Grilled Lamb Chops with a Pomegranate Port Reduction served with Roasted Asparagus and Three Cheese Mashed Cauliflower (I used cream cheese, cheddar and parmesan cheese. I also used the immersion blender to give it more of a whipped consistency).

For dessert we both enjoyed Ricotta Marscapone Chocolate Chip Cannoli. I think these were better than the ones we had in New York City made by the Cannoli King of Little Italy

The meal was wonderful! We now can't wait for next year's feast which we have decided will have a "Best Of" theme as it will be the 10th year of our Valentine tradition.