Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012


Our little man, our Farfalle passed away this evening. He suddenly developed Diabetes, a condition that for a dog with advancing Cushings disease is a death sentence. 

Only 3 short weeks ago, he was as healthy as a 13yr old dog with Arthritis and Cushings could be. His blood levels were good; he was a happy little guy who was warming up to his new sister. On Friday he stopped eating, seemed to be in pain, was going blind and was lethargic. We watched him over the weekend and when he started vomiting water this morning, we knew it was time to see the vet. Blood work showed he was in severe ketoacidocis (blood sugar was over 40 mmol/L, 720 mg/dl), abdominal ultrasound found gall stones and a problem with his pancreas.  Given the severity of his condition, Dr. McIsaac said it was time to let him go; we would be torturing ourselves and him if we didn't. 

The loss to our household has been devastating. Farfalle has been there for every major moment, good or bad, of our adult lives. We brought him home just 2 days before Renzo and I moved in together. He was our first dog, our first baby. Little Zoey misses her big brother immensely. Just in the last few days of his life, Farfalle had started going up to her, nuzzling her snout, even playing with her in his own unique Farfalle way. We will always have a hole in our hearts, right next to the one left by sweet Bazil; a hole that will never be filled.

Sleep well my Mr. Fella. You were one loved little man who will never be forgotten.