Friday, April 11, 2014

Before Herschel wormed his way into our hearts, there was a Herschel before him. His half brother actually.

Herschel I was born April 11th 2013. Back then he was known as Puppy Green. He was to have come home with us in early June last year. Sadly,  the day he was to come home, he caught Parvo and died. Our Herschel's full name is Herschel Green II in memory of his older brother. 

As Herschel I's litter mates celebrate their first birthdays today, I find myself wondering what our first Herschel would have been like. Would he be huge and goofy like his namesake or perhaps smaller like his sisters and more reserved? What I do know is he will always have a place in my heart along with my other lost furry loves.

Happy Birthday little guy! I bet you would have been a superstar.